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Some Ideas on The Hangover 3 Plot Revealed

"The Hangover 3"

The Hangover 3

The Hangover 3 movie is one of the hot topics among viewers and through the projects is yet to go ahead into production The Hangover 3 movie had already manged to be in center of attention. Following the huge success of the second installment director Todd Phillips had said that already there are some ideas being considered for a plot. One of the notable points made by director had been that third entry to the series will have a different format. Since director had confirmed that another installment is definitely on the way fans had been eager to know more about and recently one of the cast members had revealed some fascinating facts about storyline.

The source of this latest piece of news is actor Zach Galifianakis who had been one of the main actors of The Hangover 3 movie. During a recently held interview with one of the popular magazines he had come up with some ideas which show that the idea is quite promising for a storyline. He had said that this time much focus will be placed on his character of Alan and how he escapes from a mental institution with the support of his friends. Though this story sounds quite promising as the major theme it us yet to be seen how details will be added to it. With instances of humor and satire included this is bound to be a one of a kind cinematic experience for fans who have enjoyed the previous two installments immensely.

With this latest piece of new about plot of The Hangover 3 movie fans cannot help but feel curious about one matter. Earlier it had been said that in the third entry story will be taking place in Amsterdam. Though nothing has been mentioned about the location it is possible that the capital of the Netherlands in still in the picture. There is one possible plot which combines all these elements. That is Alan gets married in Amsterdam. Just before the wedding he finds himself locked inside a mental institution with no idea on how he got there. His friends will try to break him out of it for the wedding

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