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Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of some of the best mobile phone stories you may have missed this week:

1.  Google Fights Back Against Jobs’ Claims.

At the Apple special event earlier this week, Steve Jobs claimed that they were activating 230,000 new iOS devices everyday, and wondered if their ‘friends’ were adding in upgrades to make up their numbers. He was of course, referring to Google’s 200,000 daily Android activations. However, Google have responded by saying that upgrades are not included and that their figures only include those with Google Services, meaning the actual figure may be even higher.

2. Download Swype for Symbian.

The alternative keyboard that lets you type without lifting your finger from the display is now available for Symbian S60 via the Nokia Beta Labs site. After a few tries, Swype feels much more natural that you may expect and it’s well worth trying out. Enjoy the video of Swype in action on a Nokia X6 and download the keyboard app here.

3.  Nokia Closes Ovi Files.

After the recent demise of Nokia’s Messaging for Social Networks, Ovi Files has followed it to the grave. Nokia’s cloud storage solution will be gone in a month, so if you’ve got files stored there, you need to back them up soon.

4.  Nokia Dual-SIM Phones Released for Indian Market.

Dual-SIM phones are popular in many developing markets, where different networks often offer special deals for certain numbers, so these two new devices could prove popular. The C1-00 and C2 are basic entry-level phones, although the C2 will use the S40 UI and have a 3.5mm headphone socket, a microSD card slot and an FM radio. The C1-00 should be out now, with the C2 following later in the year.

5.  Samsung to Focus on Android and Bada.

The news that Samsung are to concentrate their efforts on producing phones running their own bada operating system and the ever-popular Android system isn’t surprising, but it doesn’t bode well for Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 or Symbian. Samsung say they will introduce a Windows Phone 7 device later in the year, but see no ‘visible demand for Symbian’.

6.  HTC Smart2 Render.

A render showing the HTC Smart2 has appeared and it looks very shiny indeed! The Smart2 could be running the BREW platform, previously seen on mobiles including INQ’s Skype Phone, and will feature an Office suite of apps and Wi-Fi.

7.  Apple Provide iOS and iTunes Stats.

An Apple event just wouldn’t feel right without lots of stats, and we weren’t disappointed this week! Amongst other things, Steve Jobs let on that 120 million iOS devices have been shipped since its launch, while inside the App Store there are 200 apps downloaded every second, bringing the running total up to 6.5 billion downloads! There are 250,000 apps to choose from, with 25,000 being specifically for the iPad.

8.  HTC 7 Trophy Coming to Europe?

Although there are no official pictures of the Trophy yet, this could be a potential Windows Phone 7 handset which was originally conceived to run WinMo 6.5. Don’t be put off though, as the Trophy could be one of the few big-screen QWERTY phones on the market, boasting a 3″ capacitive touchscreen as well as 3G/HSDPA.

9. Skyfire Browser Submitted to Apple.

It wasn’t long ago when we were campaigning for the approval of Opera Mini for the iPhone, and now we have a new cause, Skyfire. Any Symbian or WinMo users may well have some experience with this great mobile browser – famed for its video capabilities and similar compression techniques to Opera – so it’s with baited breath that we wait for Apple’s decision.

10.  Hamster Power for your N8.

Battery chargers are a thing of the past, and the universal charger is already obsolete, as now, your mobile phone can be powered by a hamster. What could be more eco-friendly than that?!

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