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Walmart Will Track You and Your Undies With RFIDs

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walmart logo and underwear with rfid tag
, America's largest retailer and the world's largest corporation, will be placing radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags on the jeans and underwear sold in its 3,750-plus U.S. stores beginning next month. The removable tags will be used to monitor inventory losses and shelf stock, but some people are less than happy about the prospect of carrying around a tracking device in their skivvies.

Walmart, like many other retailers, has been using RFID tags to track pallets of inventory as they come into each store. The company hopes that, by applying the tags to individual items, it will more tightly control its stock in stores. But customers will take the tags home with their purchases. And even though the RFIDs can be removed, they will remain active. Since RFIDs can be tracked from a distance, it's possible that, say, an unscrupulous marketer could drive past your home with a scan gun in tow, and mark you down as a person who might want to receive junk mail about Hanes pouch-fly Classic Briefs in XXL.

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