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Snape Gets Some Googly Eyes In Dailies!

Snape Googly

Severus Snape would have been so much less intimidating if he had big googly eyes. Luckily, he had Alan Rickman's.

Also, Viggo Mortensen habla español, and learn all about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Dailies!

» Why doesn't the fact that Viggo Mortensen is starring in a Spanish-language thriller as twin brothers surprise us in the least bit? [Twitch]

» Because you didn't know you needed to know, the complete history of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. [mental_floss]

» In other Viggo Mortensen news, it looks like David Cronenberg will direct "Eastern Promises 2"! [Vulture]

» Observe an odd picture from Michel Gondry's upcoming "Mood Indigo" with Audrey Tautou. [Twitch]

Gondry Tautou

» Because the man doesn't have enough on his plate, Damon Lindelof is rewriting act three of "World War Z." [THR]

» Ummm, Judge? If you could just step slightly to your left, we can shoot this "Dredd" poster. No? Ok. [JoBlo]

Dredd Poster

» A new report says that studios will stop distributing film prints by the end of next year, so sorry if you like movies. [Deadline]

» In case you wanted to know what famous people look like with googly eyes... [Celebrity Googly Eyes]

Snape Googly

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