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‘Solipskier’ Is a 2-D Timewaster That Combines Skiing and Drawing

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'Solipskier' flash game

Our favorite online games are the simple ones with a high-replay value (e.g., 'Canabalt'). It doesn't hurt if they're free, either. The latest title to drag down our productivity is a 2-D side-scroller called 'Solipskier' that asks gamers to guide a stick-figure skier down the slopes -- while drawing those said slopes. Like we said, it isn't a complex game, with the simple objective to navigate your skier through green gates while doing tricks and not falling to your death. That gameplay alone would get boring (Ed. Note: Um, remember 'SkiFree'?), so 'Solipskier' also asks you to draw the game's landscape by clicking and dragging your mouse across the screen. If you stop, the ground will disappear and the stick-figure skier will tumble to his death.

We're still learning the physics behind drawing a smooth slope, so we won't share our shamefully low high score yet. But we can say we'll be staying late after work tonight to improve it. [From: Indie Games and Solipskier, via: Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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