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Vampires Suck Movie Trailer

"Vampires Suck"

Vampires Suck

Vampires Suck Movie Trailer For the audience who find that they have had enough encounters with vampires the upcoming movie Vampires Suck is going to change their mind which sheds a comic look at the sensational vampire flick The Twilight Saga that is sure to keep them laughing their heads off for the extremely satirical nature of the movie and the newly released trailer proofs the matter.

The director duo Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer who are famous for their earlier works that captured some of the hit movie in a different light has chosen this years top hit vampire flick to give the comical treatment they are very good at inflicting and it is going to be uncountable laughs that are going to rule the theaters when Vampires Suck hits it off on   18th of August.

With a cast that includes Jenn Proske, Charlie Weber and Matt Lanter Vampires Suck is going to be a one hilarious joy ride which will be a tear jerking laughter generator to the non-fans of The Twilight saga but the fans are likely to find themselves unable to enjoy this piece as comical.

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