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‘The Town’ Heists Recall Great Fictional Masked Robberies

"The Town" arrives in theaters today, marking yet another entry in Ben Affleck's continually impressive career as a filmmaker. In addition to directing the movie, Affleck stars as Doug, a thief who robs banks, armored cars and other high profile targets, sometimes dressed as a nun to protect his identity. But when he starts falling in love with one of his hostages, Doug learns that getting out of the game isn't as easy as it seems.

The heist scenes in "The Town" are some of the most thrilling in recent memory, taking its rightful place alongside some of cinema's other great masked robbery sequences — like the five scenes you'll read about after the jump!

"Dead Presidents"
Albert and Allen Hughes directed this 1995 crime drama about Anthony Curtis, a young Vietnam war veteran who turns towards a life of crime upon arriving home in The Bronx. Curtis and a crew of his close friends paint their faces white and attempt to rob an armored car for cash — but the robbery goes horribly wrong, as the movie's grim title should indicate.

"Point Break"
Ah, "Point Break." Truly one of the finest (or most fun, at least) films of the late, great Patrick Swayze's career. Swayze stars as Bodhi, the leader of a gang of surfers that moonlight as the Ex-Presidents, a dangerous crew of criminals that wear the masks of former Presidents during bank robberies. He eventually partners up with Johnny Utah, an undercover police officer who infiltrates the Ex-Presidents. Keanu Reeves, Swayze, surfing and bank robbing presidents — if that's not an award winning recipe, I'm not sure what is!

"Quick Change"
This little-seen gem from 1990 stars Bill Murray as Grim, a jaded Manhattanite who dresses up as a clown, robs a bank and attempts a getaway alongside his girlfriend and best pal. It turns out that robbing the bank was the easy part — getting away? Not so much.

"Sugar & Spice"
Is there such a thing as a noble bank robbery? "Sugar & Spice" puts that question forth, as a band of high school cheerleaders transform themselves into a group of bank robbers known as the Betties all in an effort to raise enough funds to support their newly pregnant teammate.

"The Dark Knight"
You can't have a list of great masked robberies in film without mentioning "The Dark Knight." The opening scene of Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins" sequel depicts bank robbers dressed as clowns, working on behalf of The Joker. Little do they know that their boss is in their midst...

List out some of your favorite masked robberies in film in the comments section and on Twitter!

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