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Jason Bateman And Vince Vaughn Go ‘Insane’

Jason BatemanThey teamed together on "The Break-Up" and "Couples Retreat," but Jason Bateman and Vince Vaughn's latest reunion could truly test their friendship.

Deadline reports that Bateman is in early talks with Universal Pictures to co-star alongside Vaughn in "Insane Laws," a new movie about two longtime best friends whose relationship is strained when their kids go off to college together and fall in love. Things get even hairier when the daughter of Vaughn's character gets pregnant. No official deal is in place just yet, but the two reportedly participated in a read-through of the material, and production could start as early as this fall.

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"Elysium" Gets Luna
Diego Luna has joined the cast of "Elysium," Neill Blomkamp's second feature film that's already nabbed names such as Matt Damon, Sharlto Copley and Jodie Foster. He'll play Julio, the best friend of Damon's character. Additionally, Variety has a rough sketch of the plot, which "revolves around aliens and humans doing battle on earth."

"Weeds" Star Gets Savage
Also from Variety comes the news that Demian Bichir, who stars on "Weeds" as a Mexican politician who moonlights as a ruthless drug kingpin, has joined the cast of Oliver Stone's "Savages" as the two-timing attorney of Salma Hayek's very own drug lord character.

Jonah Hill Grabs A "Pitchfork"
It's looking like a possible "Cyrus" reunion for directors Jay and Mark Duplass and comedian Jonah Hill. The Los Angeles Times reports that Hill might star in their upcoming feature called "Pitchfork," about the mother of an indie rocker who dies in a car accident, prompting her to seek vengeance against a snarky blogger who railed against the rocker—but she's surprised to find out the blogger is just a teen. Susan Sarandon's name has been mentioned to play the mother.

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