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Kevin Costner Confirmed as in for Superman

"Kevin Costner"

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner is officially in for Superman movie and starring in role of Jonathan Kent this currently underway project with Kevin Costner on board will be watched out by movie going crowds who are fans of the star. Name of this two times academy award winner actor had been attached to the particular role for some time so with the news confirmed it seems that another talented and well known star has been nabbed for this project. Upcoming flick is going to be a new kind of a version to the series of movies and other similar kind of productions which had been made using this superhero character as subject matter. From the sound of it this time fans of the character can watch out for something exceptional for entertainment.

Addition of Kevin Costner to cast of Superman movie makes it quite fascinating for audiences to watch out for this motion picture as he will be starring opposite actress Oscar nominee actress Diane Lane. These two stars will be seen giving life to characters of Jonathan and Martha Kent who adopt the child who become superman. Depending on what kind of an approach will be taken by director it is yet to be seen what kind of scope will the character of Jonathan Kent will have. It could be predicted that his role might pass away in motion picture but it remains to be seen what kind of an angle will be used by director to bring a new version to story which had been told throughout many early productions.

Though Superman movie actor Kevin Costner will be joined on screen by upcoming actor Henry Cavill who has been chosen to give life to titular role. Director Zack Snyder seems to be quite enthusiastic about this project and it can be sad that he will be offering fans something exceptionally entertaining. Director had said that this movie will be made on assumption that no other superman movie had been made. So a whole new and refreshing approach will be used by him. Moreover director had mentioned Batman Begins drawing it as an example for what he had in mind  for this popular superhero character.

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