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TextGuard makes spam text message blocking easy for SmartPhone users

Spam text messages can be a problem for mobile phone users. Just like annoying marketing calls, you can receive text messages from different companies on your mobile phone at odd times. If these unwanted text messages start coming regularly, they can be a real pain. Most service providers provide call blocking capabilities, but they do not provide services which can help you block spam text messages. This is when mobile phone users look for alternatives which can help them block unwanted SMS Text messages and spam text messages.

Mobile phone users may also need to use a phone utility to help them block unwanted SMS text messages from an ex or from an annoying co-worker. In other cases, a parent might be interested in blocking unwanted text messages on their kids mobile phones to guard against bad influences or to protect them from spam messages which could be harmful to them. Companies can also use these mobile phone utilities to monitor the activities of their employees and to block unwanted text messages on company provided mobile phones to save on mobile phone bills.

TextGuard is a handy mobile phone utility which allows SmartPhone users to effectively block unwanted text messages on their mobile devices. The utility has been developed for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry users to help them secure text messages which are sent and received on their mobile phones. The utility monitors and tracks all messages and archives them on a central server, which is accessible for later retrieval through a website admin panel. TextGuard offers 3 different plans designed for individuals, businesses and corporations.

Once you download and install the utility, you can login to the website with the provided user name and password and access your account. You will see a record of all incoming and outgoing text and email messages saved on the server. Call records are also saved on the server, allowing users to block certain numbers if they do not want to receive text messages or calls from them. The server provided easy access to all the information, which can be organized and retrieved later on. Users can quickly and effectively block any numbers to stop communicating with the. The utility is not only handy in terms of blocking unwanted spam text messages, but it can also help you keep backup of all your communications, which makes it extremely useful for businessmen, who might want to keep a backup of all their daily activities. The archived data also acts as a backup and can help you in cases like mobile theft or lost or stolen mobile.

Users can register online on the website at www.TextGuard.com and download the 30 day free trial of the software.

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