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Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed this week, including leaked Amazon App Store pricing, BAFTA’s for iPhone games, some interesting Nokia Beta Labs apps and another Xperia Play advert! Or if you’re eyes aren’t up to reading all this text click the video above for our bitesized version.

1. Amazon App Store Pricing Spotted

Amazon are preparing to launch their own Android app store, and a preview accidentally went live yesterday, giving us a sneak peak at the pricing and apps on offer. There were several apps priced a little cheaper than their equivalents in the Android Market, but the savings were minimal due to the low pricing of apps anyway. T he store is expected to go live very soon.

2. Google Planning NFC Tests in US

Google are said to be planning a series of NFC mobile payments tests in key US locations in the near future. They’ll supply and pay for the installation of the contact-less payment registers, ready for Android users to pay for goods and services without using cash or card.

3. Cut the Rope Wins BAFTA

iPhone puzzle game Cut the Rope becomes the first iOS game to win a BAFTA award after it scooped Best Handheld Game! Having sold around six million copies, Cut the Rope was hugely successful on the iPhone, and it beat several Sony PSP and Nintendo DS games also in the running for the award.

4.  iPhone 5 could get NFC after all

At the start of this week, The Independent threw a spanner into the iPhone 5 rumour mill by reporting that Apple won’t be including NFC technology on its devices until the iPhone 6. Now, we’re back to square one after Forbes reporter Elizabeth Woyke tweeted: “Just met with an entrepreneur who says the iPhone 5 *will* have NFC…according to his friend, who works at Apple.” Guess that solves it.

5. Trio of HTC smartphones leaked

HTC has been subject to some leak-action this week as three handsets made it out into the open. First up is the HTC Pyramid, the firm’s first dual-core smartphone which will apparently run Honeycomb. The HTC Ignite and Prime also showed up and will be joining the Windows Phone clan.

6.  Nokia Shoot and Tag Lets You Skip to the Best Part

We’ve got another Nokia Beta Labs project for you, and it’s perfect for the brilliant N8 video camera fan. Shoot and Tag automatically adds tags to your freshly shot video, a little like chapters on a DVD, to any point where it sees a change in the onscreen action. You can add your own tags to a finished video too. See it in action in the video below:

7.  HD Horizons Will Demo Nokia N8′s Camera Ability

Jason Hawkes, a respected aerial photographer, will be using the Nokia N8 to shoot stills of some of the UK’s incredible landscapes, all from a helicopter. The photos will appear on Nokia’s Facebook page on the 21 March, and you can see the teaser video below.

8.  Another Stolen Body Parts Video from Sony Ericsson!

Remember the Xperia Play ad where we saw a pair of human thumbs being grafted onto an Android? Here’s the prequel, explaining where the thumbs came from!  Nice, Sony Ericsson, really nice.

9. +YvesBehar Phone Costs Lots, Does Nothing

The +YvesBehar phone is another entry into the designer device canon, where function takes on that of a very basic feature phone, but the design is catwalk cool. Designed by Yves Behar (who’d have guessed!), who also did the UI, the phone costs $10,000/£6,200.

10. Music Video Shot on an iPad 2

Unsure of whether the iPad 2′s 720p video performance is up to much? The music video below should silence the doubters, as it looks really great!  The fast movements and low lighting conditions are difficult for any consumer-grade video camera, but the final result, shot and partially edited on the iPad 2, shows this probably won’t be the last time Apple’s new camera-equipped tablet will be used in this way.

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