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2011 World Champion Texters Don’t Beat World Record

At the beginning of every year LG hosts its annual speed-texting competition, the LG Mobile Worldcup. The winners have been crowned get bragging rights for a year about how fast they can send an SMS message. This years winners have been crowned however, they can’t brag too much, because they didn’t manage to beat the world record for fastest texting.

The texting record was set last year by Melissa Thompson of Salford, Greater Manchester after she typed out a complicated 25-word text message in just under 26 seconds (ten seconds faster than the person who held the record before her).

Although LG’s 2011 world speed texting champions didn’t manage to beat the record, they did show off some radically fast texting skills and were rewarded for their efforts. Cristina and Jennifer Sales Ancines, a competitor team from Panama, won $100,000 in prize money for beating everyone else at the event. They had to overcome some tough competition from fifteen other countries, texting away using an LG Chocolate BL20 and a Town GT350. Well, it is an LG-sponsored competition after all.

However, the competition is changing thanks to the rise of the smartrphone. The 2011 winners were texting on a traditional keypad (numbered 1-9) but a separate competition for who can do the fastest QWERTY keyboard texting also runs alongside the event to cater for those who use the increasingly prevalent texting method.

The QWERTY keyboard texting portion of the competition did actually throw up a world record after Cheong Kit Au wrote a 264-character text message on the phone’s keyboard in 77 seconds. These texters have to be fast but they also have to be accurate and winners must spell everything accurately and not use abbreviations. Now that’s not the way most of us really text!

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