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HTC Sense For Windows Phone 7 Caught on Video

Now, this could all be an elaborate video prank, but we seriously doubt it, watch the video below yourself. There’s a lot of work gone in to it, so much so that we’re going to say right now that this is almost certainly the real deal. It’s not a full User Interface skin in the same way as that found on Android though, Microsoft has said from the start that UI modification is prohibited, which could be considered both good and bad; if we were to take the example of Android HTC devices, HTC Sense is by far and away the best ’skin’ that has been applied to Android but, the whole point of Android is customisation, something which HTC Sense restricts to a degree in comparison with stock Android. With that said, HTC Sense brings with it a bundle of applications and functionality that would be sorely missed.

It seems then, that the HTC Sense on Windows Phone 7 is the best of both worlds then, it’s far less intrusive than the Android version but still seems to have all of the functionality, something which hopefully become an option on future Android builds. The video walks us through a very familiar Windows Phone 7 homescreen, with little tell tale signs of Sense, the most noticeable of which being the weather widget displaying the latest weather updates and temperature. We’re then treated to a demonstration of the ‘Notes’ application, a virtual notice board that allows you to pin up various post-it style notes, we’re then taken for a flight through the clouds into the weather app which gives a five day forecast and te current weather for your location.

The video also treats us to a look at a ‘Stocks’ app and a rather novelty application that sees you pulling the petals off of a flower in a ‘loves me/loves me not’ style game which we fail to see the appeal of for anyone that isn’t 8 years old. We can also spy what appears to be a torch application which we’re guessing will use the LED camera flash as a torch on supported devices.

It’s certainly an improvement to the rather bland looks of the stock ‘blue blocks’ Windows Phone 7 interface, but for us at least, it’s still not enough to consider it a ‘good looking’ interface. Perhaps your opinion will differ, take a look at the video below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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