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Flash Video NuCaptcha Ready to Block Bots and Annoy You

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flash captchas CAPTCHA: the most irritating and unfortunate necessity of the Web. Spam bots have gotten smart enough to outwit most of the hoops put in place to keep them from flooding various sites with fake accounts. To stem the tide, CAPTCHAs have gotten increasingly difficult for the bots to decipher, which has the unfortunate side effect of leaving humans just as puzzled. While we're forced to pause, squint and scratch our heads at the obscure combinations of letters and numbers, the machines are only getting better at breaking them.

A new idea is to switch from static mixes of letters and numbers to videos that are more legible to human viewers, and arguably more difficult for machines to parse. NuCaptcha's NuCaptcha would play short videos of letters bobbing and scrolling across a background. A predetermined message in white would be followed by a short selection of characters in red, which a user would be asked to repeat. While it sounds great in theory, the last thing we think the Web needs is more embedded Flash videos. Check after the break for an example. [From: Mashable]

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