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Madea’s Big Happy Family Release Date

"Madea's Big Happy Family Movie"

Madea's Big Happy Family Movie

Madea’s Big Happy Family movie is set to hit theaters on 22nd of April and from the look of it comedy packed experience of Madea’s Big Happy Family movie will drive onlookers to find themselves taken over by fits of laughter. Taking its inspiration form the play of the same name it can be said that movie going crowds who are fans of comedy flick will find themselves looking at a fine realization of a motion picture. Tyler Perry is the director who will be delivering his latest movie with this one and having some impressive accolades and praises under his belt this will be a fine source of entertainment for audiences in many ways. With its release date set within less than a month now on fans will find themselves anticipated.

For comedy flick Madea’s Big Happy Family movie director has successfully brought together a cast which can expect to bring life to wide screen through their convincing and believable performances. Thus in addition to director who will be starring in main role of this comedy drama it will have well experienced actress Loretta Devine in a main role. Additionally this will also have singer turned actor Bow Wow in another significant role. Moreover rest of the cast will also include actors like Isaiah Mustafa among many others. With a number of stars included in this satire and humor filled motion picture theaters are most likely to get packed with who are interested to see a fun and hilarity packed flick.

Madea’s Big Happy Family movie will be based on play of the same name and exploring another mission undertaken by Madea. This time who is is need of her help is her nephew Shirley who has just received a disturbing news about her health. Shirley wants to break the news in front of her entire family but it is not going to be an easy matter since all of them are going through problems of their own. No matter how hard it is going to be Madea is going to help Shirley and as she ventures out to do so what happens is going to be quite hilarious in eyes of audiences.

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