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Over Half a Million Sony Vaio Laptops Suffer From Overheating Bug

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Overheating VAIOs

It may not be as bad as exploding batteries, but it turns out that some 535,000 Sony laptops that started shipping in January may have a fatal flaw, causing them to overheat and potentially deform. The problem lies within the BIOS installed on the Vaio F and Vaio C series machines. The bug affects the computers' basic heat management systems.

Sony has recorded 39 instances of the laptops overheating, but is taking the precaution of issuing a BIOS update for all PCs that are potentially vulnerable. The company is even taking the extraordinary step of encouraging customers to send in their laptops to receive the update, thus negating any excuses of tech illiteracy. Most of the affected models were sold in Japan, but the computers were available globally. You can check with Sony here to see if your PC is in need of a BIOS update and download the fix all in one place. [From: Computer World]

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