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Trailer Park: Country Strong, Windfall, Rare Export

I agree that last week's Trailer Park featured a less-than-exciting crop of trailers, but the voter turnout in the poll was dreadful. Did Labor Day activities keep you all away from choosing a favorite? Seriously, last week's winner, the Russian-dubbed trailer for 13 came on top with only 9 votes, which edged it out over second choice, Hobo with a Shotgun (8 votes) and Kings of Pastry (7 votes).

Hopefully the ten trailers I've rounded up this week will be of more interest to you. Thanks to the release of Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D, the bulk of new film ads involve either post-apocalyptic worlds or zombies or at least some kind of horror element -- and sure, I'll count Gwyneth Paltrow singing country music (in Country Strong) as pretty horrific. Even the latest from Clint Eastwood, Hereafter, deals with a psychic (Matt Damon) who can talk to the dead, and a woman (Cecile de France) who had died and come back. And my number one pick for the week is for a documentary about wind power (Windfall) being teased as a kind of horror film.

British thriller The Last Seven looks most appropriate for attachment to RE:A3D screenings, in fact it kind of looks just like the video game adaptation sequel -- and 28 Days Later, because of the setting -- minus the zombies, which makes it a lot less fun. But if it's undead you want, you'll have a laugh with the spot for Zombie Roadkill and probably a bit of a cry with the return of the trailer for Priest. One of the more exciting, however, is the Finnish Film Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, about the excavation of the real Santa Claus, who isn't quite as jolly as his legacy makes him out to be.

Check out my rankings and vote for your favorite trailer of the week after the jump.

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