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Analyst Predicts 8 MP Camera and Qualcomm Baseband for iPhone 4S

Barely a day goes by without another rumour about the iPhone 4S/5 surfacing and today’s comes courtesy of industry analysts FBR Capital Markets who believe they have the lowdown on some of the specifications for Apple’s latest smartphone.

According to FBR, the latest incarnation of the iPhone will come packing an eight megapixel camera and a dual mode Qualcomm CDMA/GSM baseband.

“The iPhone 5 will use an 8-megapixel CMOS sensor from OmniVision, with Sony being a possible backup sensor supplier next year,” the company claimed.

This latest information certainly seems to chime with previous rumours as Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer hinted just last month that Apple would be using their Exmor R camera sensor in upcoming products.

The analysts are also predicting a move away from Intel to Qualcomm, adding: “Qualcomm is replacing Intel as the baseband supplier, selling an integrated CDMA/WCDMA baseband that allows Apple to streamline production.”

Should the claims prove to be correct, the shift to a new supplier could mark the end of Apple’s relationship with Intel, a company who have supplied processors and other components for the iPhone for a number of years.

The fifth generation of the iPhone is, according to industry rumours, expected to be launched as either the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5 with FBR predicting a Q3 release for the new device.

Apple have yet to confirm or deny anything so, for now, we’re still in the dark, but we’re hopeful that we’ll see the iPhone 4S/5 before the year is out.

Are you looking forward to the launch of the next iPhone? What other changes would you like to see?


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