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HTC: Quietly Loaded

HTC have just revealed their 2010 Q3 profits, and we knew that we’d be expecting to see a rather large number given their recent domination of the Smartphone market. We didn’t quite however, expect as bigger a number as $360 million or around £225 million to put it in real money, that’s proft remember; revenue came in at an astonishing $2.45 billion (over £1.5 billion.)

To give some perspective on HTC’s achiecvement so far in 2010, in Q3 2009, profits were $184 million dollars; meaning that profits have almost doubled compared with last year. The even better news for HTC, is that the momentum created in the Android Smartphone market by the awesome HTC Desire here in the UK, appears to be continuing to grow thanks to the up and coming HTC Desire HD, which might just give the original Desire a run for its money if early interest is anything to go by. This, coupled with the imminent launch of Windows Phone 7, which HTC are rumoured to be quite heavily involved in and the fast approaching Christmas period, is sure to see HTC’s Q4 profits rise again. Want to jump on the HTC bandwagon? Well, click here to take a look at the best HTC deals around. (Source: Reuters via Engadget)

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