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Movaya Launches My Pet’s Weekly Horoscope iPhone App

With Pet Zodiac and One Of America’s Leading Pet Astrologers.

Every Week You’ll Get A New Horoscope For Your Pet!

Oprah will do anything for her pets. President Barack Obama enjoys playing
with his puppy on the White House lawn. People find their perfect mate through
web site dating where they meet other people who love pets. Some people travel with pets. Others even drink beer with their pets. But now, there’s something new you can do with your pet. We know you’re worried about swine flue, terrorist attacks, pirates boarding ships, losing your home to mortgage foreclosure, the recession, no healthcare, losing your job, vampire video, who’s on twitter and why the latest diet pill doesn’t work, so get ready for some good news.

Pet-ertainment LLC and Movaya Wireless, Inc. are pleased to announce the first ever Horoscope app for your pet.

My Pet’s Weekly Horoscope” isn’t like those that just show you cute pets, funny pets, the world’s smartest dogs, crazy cats or adorable puppies. “My Pet’s Weekly Horoscope” brings you closer to your dog or cat because you will now have insights into your pet’s behavior. If you want to understand your dog or cat better, know what makes your pet tick and be able to change bad pet behavior, you want to get “My Pet’s Weekly Horoscope” every week.

Can’t wait to see your own horoscope? Now you can find out what the stars have in store for your furry best friend. Animalinks’ pet astrologer Carol Jepson helps you and your pet get closer by forecasting how your pet may feel and act every week. Check out your dog’s or cat’s horoscope and your friend’s pet’s horoscope with our Pet Zodiac featuring twelve of the world’s most loveable pets. Don’t know your dog’s or cat’s birth month? Use our Key Word Match-Ups to find your pet’s sign. Buy this app once and My Pet’s Weekly Horoscope delivers a new 7-day fun forecast every Monday for your pet on your iPhone or iPod touch!

Get it now!

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