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Orange Launches Gesture Controls for Android Homescreen

Mobile Word Congress saw news of OS updates and new devices flooding in left, right and centre. Orange has also brought something new to the table and announced their new gesture controls for the Android homescreen this week.

Is it revolutionary? Well, no but it’s an incredibly useful and practical piece of software for those looking to ultimately customise their phones.

The new features include live wallpapers and moving homescreen images which reflect the device’s functions. The wallpapers for example, are linked to battery life to give users an immediate idea of how much juice their handset has left. There are also 5 more live wallpapers to be announced, all of which will be linked to one phone related function or another.

You can also use 27 different gestures to create shortcuts for your favourite apps, saving room on the homescreen and making life a little easier. It’s also worth noting that you can use the shortcuts on all of your homescreens, not just one.

Orange has said that the new features will be available on all Orange Android phones from Q2, with the exception of HTC handsets, which already use the Taiwanese company’s Sense user interface.

Orange spokesman, Kevin Stagg, said: “Android is a really competitive environment but these new additions prove our dedication to the platform, while our in-house development really sets Orange apart.”

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