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RIP Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage And Preparing For The May 21 Doomsday In Today’s Twitter-Wood

Macho ManSad news hit the blogosphere just moments ago: legendary wrestling superstar Randy "Macho Man" Savage was reportedly killed in a car accident earlier today. Actors and filmmakers are taking to Twitter to share their Macho Man memories, and you're encouraged to leave yours in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Twitter-Wood space is preparing themselves for the impending Rapture. The world is ending on May 21, 2011, your favorite movie stars and makers are giving you all the advice you need to survive.

I'm @roundhoward and this is Twitter-Wood for May 20, 2011.

RIP Macho Man, Part 1: @nickjfrost #RIPMachoMan Sad news...
-Nick Frost, actor ("Shaun of the Dead")

RIP Macho Man, Part 2: @eliroth So Sad, Macho Man was my favorite. I saw him take the Intercontinental belt @ the Garden in '86 http://bit.ly/laUrUD #RIPMachoMan
-Eli Roth, director ("Hostel")

RIP Macho Man, Part 3: @KatzMoney Okay current fans and lapsed fans: Your three favorite "Macho Man" Randy Savage memories. Lets hear 'em. #RIPMachoMan
-Jeff Katz, producer ("X-Men Origins: Wolverine")

RIP Macho Man, Part 4: @pattonoswalt Macho Man Randy Savage was the only one who could have fought the Rapture demons. And God took him. IT'S HAPPENING, PEOPLE!
-Patton Oswalt, actor ("Big Fan")

May 21 Doomsday, Part 1: @DonnieWahlberg If the world ends tomorrow... WE HAD FUN!!!
-Donnie Wahlberg, actor ("The Sixth Sense")

May 21 Doomsday, Part 2: @DamonLindelof Note to Rapture: Do not follow up end of days with shots of plane wreckage on beach. It confuses the f*** out of people.
-Damon Lindelof, writer ("Lost")

May 21 Doomsday, Part 3: @RhettReese When the rapture doesn't happen, watch how believers will find justifications why instead of abandoning their faith.
-Rhett Reese, writer ("Zombieland")

May 21 Doomsday, Part 4: @ebertchicago Zombie warning issued by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. What you should do now. http://bit.ly/kKzK6F
-Roger Ebert, film critic ("At the Movies")

May 21 Doomsday, Part 5: @kevinpollak Hey, happy last day on Earth to my twitches believing in the whole rapture thing-a-ma-jig. Sweet Jesus on a pie tin!
-Kevin Pollak, actor ("End of Days")

May 21 Doomsday, Part 6: @MillaJovovich So wait... There's a zombie apocalypse tomorrow?! But I'm taking the weekend off! How did I know not abt this?!!
-Milla Jovovich, actor ("Resident Evil")

Tell us what you think of today's Twitter-Wood in the comments section and on Twitter!

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