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‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Confirmed For December Release, Runtime Revealed

Wolf of Wall Street

No need to worry, Leonardo DiCaprio/Martin Scorsese fans! "The Wolf of Wall Street," a movie that was poised to make a run at the awards circuit next year before delay rumors cropped up, will come out this year afterall, just a little later than we were expecting.

Scorsese's story of 90s-era stock market greed will debut on Christmas Day, just barely making the 2013 cut-off, something that seemed to be up in the air thanks to a reported 3-hour-plus first cut. The movie is now a lean 165 minutes, so thank goodness for those edits.

From the one trailer we've been lucky enough to see, we're thrilled to see everyone involved (McCONAUGHEY!) go completely over the top with the excesses of the era.

Count us in for December 25!

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