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Weekly Poll Results: Best 3D Movie of the Past Decade

Two and a half years after Avatar officially kickstarted the new 3D craze, it nevertheless remains the single greatest example of modern 3D technology on the large screen — according to Film Junk readers, that is. James Cameron’s sci-fi blockbuster dominated our 3D poll with 41% of the votes, which was over twice the quantity of votes received by the runner-up, Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. Piranha 3D was a close third, even though the animated films Coraline and How to Train Your Dragon rounded out the leading five. Overall, the results appear about proper, though I believed the Avatar backlash could have held it down a small bit far more. I also expected The Adventures of Tintin to rank slightly higher. Do you agree with these outcomes?

1. Avatar — 41%
two. Hugo — 16.six%
three. Piranha 3D — 13.2%
4. Coraline — eight.four%
five. How to Train Your Dragon — 6.5%
6. Cave of Forgotten Dreams — 5.3%
7. Tron: Legacy — 4.eight%
eight. The Adventures of Tintin — two.8%
9. Transformers: Dark of the Moon — .8%
10. Journey to the Center of the Earth — .six%

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