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Fetish: Samsung’s Monitor-TV Hybrid Gives You 3-D Two Ways

Photo: Stephen Lewis

The line between computer and TV continues to blur with the new Samsung 950 Series monitor-TV hybrids. The 27-inch model shown here boasts 1920 x 1080 resolution and an embedded tuner for HDTV content. Also hiding inside the 0.45-inch-thin display and asymmetrical chassis is an image processor for real-time 3-D conversion of 2-D content—sports, movies, videogames, even photos (one pair of glasses included). You can also stick with standard 2-D, if you like. Either way, you get LED backlighting—which delivers sharper contrast, lower power consumption, and a thinner form factor than standard fluorescent backlighting—and an Ultra Clear Panel screen, which Samsung claims absorbs ambient light for deeper colors in bright rooms. And should you feel an urge to continue your Crysis 2 campaign while rewatching Doctor Who, the monitor’s picture-in-picture function will let you do both.

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