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Number Crunching: Interesting Twitter Figures

Most of us associate Twitter with the number 140 – the amount of characters allowed in a traditional Tweet (although that is changing thanks to a variety of different tools like TweetDeck’s deck.ly that support longer tweets). But 140 isn’t the only important Twitter number.

March 21, 2011 marks the five year anniversary of the first Tweet ever sent. In honour of that, Twitter has put together a little list of “Twitter by the numbers” and the facts are quite interesting.

Those numbers are both big and small

For example, did you know that a whopping one billion tweets are sent out every week?! This wasn’t always the case, of course and it took an interesting number (3 years, 2 months, 1 day) for Twitter to reach the first billion tweets. Daily tweets are now in the millions with an estimated 140 million per day being tweeted. However, just a year ago the number was considerably smaller at 50 million.

Did you know that Twitter keeps a record of Tweets Per Second (TPS)?

The current TPS record is 6,939. This occurred on New Years’ Day 2010, just after it turned midnight in Japan. Presumably most of those tweets were “Happy New Year” messages.

On the day of Michael Jackson’s death there were 456 tweets per second sent. This may seem like a small number now but it was a TPS record-breaker at the time.

New accounts are constantly being made.

Twitter reports a huge 460,000 new Twitter accounts are created daily. They arrived at this number by taking an average of the amount of new daily accounts over a month long period this year. To manage all of this activity, the number of Twitter employees as grown from just 8 in 2008 to a respectable 400 today, with 50 of those employees being added in 2011 alone.

And what about the mobile numbers?

According to the stats, 182 the number of mobile Twitter users over the past year has increased by 182%.


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