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‘Prometheus,’ ‘Madagascar 3,’ And More: Double Feature Friday!

In theaters, the story of the week is clearly "Prometheus" and for good reason. Ridley Scott has done something very big and very ambitious, and whether he pulls it off is up to you. But in case you're interested in checking out the rest of this week's releases, we have all the movie pairings you could hope for.

Check out this week's Double Feature Friday!

"Prometheus" & "2001: A Space Odyssey"
The scale Ridley Scott is working on for his latest sci-fi film may only find a comparable companion in Stanley Kubrick's cinematic masterpiece "2001: A Space Odyssey." Both films start at the beginning of mankind and jump forward to a near-futuristic space setting. Obviously not equating the two, each film poses big questions that it doesn't necessary answer or even care to try. "Prometheus" is old school sci-fi, so why not pair it with one of the greatest?

"Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Want" & "Prometheus"
Listen, I'm very familiar with the idea of counter-programming, but some weeks, I'm staunchly opposed to giving people options. This week an R-rated, sci-fi epic directed by Ridley Scott is opening, and you're telling me that you want to see a three-quel to a second-rate animated franchise that has centered its promotional campaign on rainbow fright wigs? Maybe we shouldn't hang out anymore. Seriously, go see "Prometheus." Your young children will thank you.

"Lola Versus" & "The House of the Devil"
Greta Gerwig may have finally found a leading role in "Lola Versus," but it's "The House of the Devil," a movie in which she has a relatively small scene, that should have your attention this weekend. From director Ti West, this retro horror throwback is a perfect blend of contemporary filmmaking mixed with some old school sensibilities. It's the kind of classic haunted house movie that makes you wish for the scares of old.

"Safety Not Guaranteed" & "Primer"
If you're going to check out this indie rom-com take on the time travel genre, consider visiting the opposite end of the spectrum with Shane Carruth's ultra-complex "Primer." This low-budget indie handles the logistics of time travel in a way that is unparalleled in its detail and is sure to keep your head spinning as you try to work through each intricate detail of the crossing timelines. "Primer" earned its place as a new cult classic and makes the perfect pairing for any time-bending double feature.

What are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!

If one movie is never enough for you and you're looking for a flick to get you in the mood for this week's new release, Double Feature Friday is here to help. Every week we break down the new releases and pair them with older movies that you should catch before heading out to the theater. Or just skip the new movie and check out the classic we recommend.

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