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‘Limitless’ Possibilities: What We Would Do With 100% Of Our Brain Power

"Limitless" arrives in theaters this weekend, and if you thought Bradley Cooper was smart-mouthed before, trust us — you haven't seen anything yet!

Cooper stars in the fast-paced thriller as Eddie Morra, a struggling science fiction writer who hasn't puzzled out a single word of his new novel. But Eddie's writer's block is obliterated as soon as he comes into contact with NZT, a groundbreaking new drug that gives users full access to the entirety of their brainpower. And once he starts using the drug, things go from bad to awesome to extremely bad to much, much worse very quickly.

But even after witnessing his downward spiral, we must admit that we're tempted by the limitless possibilities that having full control over 100% of our brains presents. After the jump, find out some of the things we would do if we got our hands on a (legally-sanctioned) dose of NZT!

Become The World's Greatest Sci-Fi Novelist
Once he starts taking NZT, Eddie's writing ambitions take a backseat to his human nature. In other words, dude wants money. We get that. Money makes the world go 'round, after all. But we'd get our hands on some extra green in a different way — namely, by becoming the best science fiction writer the universe has ever seen. Not only would we be millionaires, we'd be the coolest cats at Comic-Con!

Buy An Island
Or two. Or three. However many islands we bought with our money-making genius minds, we'd want at least one to moonlight as our own personal slice of tropical heaven. But we're humanitarians at heart, so we'd like to snag a few extra pieces of paradise to give the less fortunate people around the world an awesome and free-of-charge vacation spot.

Hang Out With Robert De Niro All The Time
There's at least one decision that Eddie makes that we can find absolutely no fault in: making friends with Robert De Niro. As movie bloggers, we'd have a lot to ask the two-time Oscar winner, and our NZT-enhanced brain would ensure that our questions are always original and inventive. But really, we just want to hang out with Bobby D to hear him say "Are you talkin' to me?" every single hour of every single day.

Create A New Line Of Cutlery Using Ice-Skating Blades
Just see the movie, you'll understand.

Build The World's Most Efficient Rehabilitation Facility
Once we crossed every item off of our list — world peace, fixing poverty and starvation, going on a ride-along with Batman while he puts Joker behind bars — we'd destroy our stash of NZT to make sure no one could ever get their hands on it, but only after we've established the best rehab in the world to help us off the crazy-intelligent but crazy-addicting drug. Dr. Drew, you're not too busy to pitch in, are you?

Tell us what "Limitless" possibilities you would pursue in the comments section and on Twitter, and make sure to check out "Limitless," currently in theaters nationwide!

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