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Want to Know Why the Microsoft Kin Was Cancelled?

Microsoft cancelled the Kin’s European launch at the beginning of the month, and decided to integrate the Kin team into Windows Phone 7. It was met with average reviews in the US, but was criticised for the high monthly tariff prices enforced on Kin owners, a factor which was speculated to have led to its downfall.

Microsoft gave no reason why they canned Kin after only a few months on sale, but the following could have something to do with it: Daring Fireball have heard from an informed source that a mere 503 Kin phones were sold during that time. That’s 500 phones in just less than 90 days, which puts the iPhone 4’s 1.7 million over three days into perspective doesn’t it!

Seeing as the Kin never made it to these shores, we won’t know what – if anything – we’re missing, but we do know that Windows Phone 7 will be coming here later in the year. Will the failure of the Kin have an impact on Microsoft’s next big project? The Kin situation could cause many to lose faith in Microsoft and its ability to produce and market a top class phone and OS, but on the other hand, many may consider it a good thing that they’re concentrating all their energy on Windows Phone 7. Tell us your thoughts in the comments, are you going to be getting a WinPho 7 device later this year?

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