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Selena Gomez Gets Her Very Own Wax Figure

"Selena Gomez"

Selena Gomez

"Selena Gomez" selena gomez gossip selena gomez and justin bieber selena gomez wax figure

Selena Gomez is the newest star who has joined the genre of celebrities who own their own wax figures so Selena Gomez will be remembered by her fans forever. It is truly a fine thing for any star to have that privilege bestowed upon and the actress and singer had managed to achieve the feat at young age itself. The wax figure of this young star had been unveiled recently and for that she had managed to looks stunning and striking. So her very own wax figure had been unveiled to delight of her many fans and this will enable viewers to see her looking simply gorgeous ever. The actress seems to have taken a slow down in her career and she is not busy these days.

Earlier it had been said that Selena Gomez had taken part in the grand event of unveiling of her wax figure. The actress had opted for a fine dress which had been great on her and the golden color had given her a simply amazing look. Her fans will make sure to be there at the place of Madame Tussauds in New York City to see her waxed figure. So she had made sure to look gorgeous with her dark mane work loose. The young celebrity star has been capturing much attention recently due to two notable incidents. First there had been the stalker incident and then there had also been the incident related to her current boyfriend Justin Bieber.

The wax figure of the celebrity star Selena Gomez had been placed side by side with her real life boyfriend and the couple looked amazing together. So it is safe to say that her fans will make sure to see her shining onscreen through different kind of character portrayals. Her fans will also make sure to watch out and look forward with wide eyed awe. The celebrity couple has been capturing much attention from audience so it can be said that it will not be long before her fans to hear some her new soundtracks also. Her fans will be interested in listening them for sure.

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