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The Dark Knight Rises Gets Juno Temple

"Juno Temple"

Juno Temple

Juno Temple is the latest addition to cast of The Dark Knight Rises movie and joining the star studded cast young actress Juno Temple is undoubtedly on her way to add a most impressive movie title to her budding acting resume. It was only recently that another star had joined the cast of this high profile project who had been Joseph Gordon-Levitt. With him confirmed it had been noted that former mentioned actress is also being considered for a role and the it seems that she is indeed the latest addition to stellar cast. Director Christopher Nolan seems to have already impressed fans by getting a fascinating cast and with his exceptional and outstanding movie making skills audiences can hope for something extraordinary for entertainment with this one for certainty.

As for the role to be played by Juno Temple in upcoming The Dark Knight Rises movie it has bee said that she might be playing the role of a girl who is well conversant about modern urban life living in Gotham city. Though her character might be a minor one the details about her perspective roles leaves much room for fans to come up with many assumptions. The role reminds fans a bit about character of Robin in original Batman series and this might be a female version to it. It is also possible that she might be playing the role of Holly Robinson who is a friend of Selena Kyle the Catwoman and also happens to be a young prostitute.

Landing on The Dark Knight Rises movie is bound to be a fine opportunity for young actress Juno Temple and whether her role is going to be a minor one or a more substantial one it should be noted that nabbing a role in this high profile project will be a boost to her budding career. Joining stars like Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway and Gary Oldman on wide screen this will be an exciting acting experience for this actress. Currently in pre production the project will hit it off with filming soon and fans who are counting days to see this will have to keep in touch to know more about this project.

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