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‘Super 8′ Reviews, Weiner-Gate Scandal And Olivia Wilde’s Not-So-Sexy Naked Traffic Show

Olivia Wilde"Super 8" is finally in theaters, and if you've been following along with the MTV Movies Blog gang, you know we loved it. We're not the only ones; several celebs in the Twitter-Wood sphere have already expressed their enthusiasm, and more positive reviews came storming in today.

There's also an outpouring of support for "Lost" creator Damon Lindelof's new multimedia science fiction project for Disney, "1952," though Lindelof himself wants to clarify exactly what that "seven figure deal" entails. Plus, Weiner-gate ridicule continues, Olivia Wilde strips down (sort of) and Jonah Hill squares off against Kanye West in an epic battle of Connect Four.

I'm @roundhoward and this is Twitter-Wood for June 10, 2011.

"Super 8" Reviews, Part 1: @edgarwright By the end of the year, I would like to see a double bill of 'Super 8' and 'Attack The Block'. (*cough* @newbeverly)
-Edgar Wright, director ("Scott Pilgrim vs. The World")

"Super 8" Reviews, Part 2: @CarltonCuse Saw the premiere of Super 8 last night. The movie was really great -- an action movie with heart and emotion -- a rarity these days.
-Carlton Cuse, writer ("Lost")

Seven Figure Deals, Part 1: @DamonLindelof The seven figures are: Jawa (vinyl-caped), Han in Hoth gear, Bossk, Lobot, Greedo, Admiral Ackbar and Obi-Wan (with telescoping saber).
-Damon Lindelof, writer ("1952")

Seven Figure Deals, Part 2: @BryanFuller @DamonLindelof These seven figures? yfrog.com/5pd03lwj
-Bryan Fuller, writer ("Pushing Daisies")

Weiner-Gate, Part 1: @denisleary Weiner says his wife wants him to stay in office. Like literally - stay at the office. Don't come home and def don't f---ing text me.
-Denis Leary, actor ("Rescue Me")

Weiner-Gate, Part 2: @BretEastonEllis If Anthony Weiner doesn't resign (and he absolutely shouldn't) this will be a major historical triumph in the post-Empire world...
-Bret Easton Ellis, novelist ("American Psycho")

Wilde Driving: @oliviawilde I change in my car as entertainment for my fellow traffic prisoners. Not that it's sexy. I just strangled myself with a bra strap. Spaz.
-Olivia Wilde, actor ("Tron Legacy")

Connect Four: @JonahHill A video from two or three years ago of me VS @kanyewest at an uncomfortable match of Connect 4. I want a rematch: tinyurl.com/37jwrqu
-Jonah Hill, actor ("21 Jump Street")

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