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Lost Boys: The Thirst Trailer

"Lost Boys: The Thirst"

Lost Boys: The Thirst

The new Lost Boys: The Thirst trailer of upcoming horror movie Lost Boys: The Thirst gives away some of the snippets about the sequel to the 1070s horror flick The Lost Boys which was in the centre of attention of the audience at that time. As the director Dario Piana tries to freshen up the memory of the audience with the new movie it will definitely be a screaming sensation to the fans who wants to have them selves gripped by fear.

With the cast of Corey Feldman , Jamison Newlander and Tanit Phoenix among others Lost Boys: The Thirst has the potential to mark its name among some of the contemporary vampire flicks. As suggested here the movie has a vampire themed story which focuses on two brothers who are set to hunt each and every vampire that cross their path.

As Lost Boys: The Thirst is scheduled to be released on somewhere in October and the audience may have to keep their eyes and ears open for the announcement of the exact release day to be among the first to experience the horror unleashed.

Lost Boys: The Thirst Trailer

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