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Throw iDarts at iDartboard With Sister iPhone and iPad Apps

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KL Darts
It's been a hell of a month for Caucasians. First, there was the electric bicycle pedal, and, now, the e-dartboard. With the 'KL Dartboard' iPad app and its little sister iPhone app, 'KL Darts,' the developers at KeyLime3.14 have happily married two of white people's favorite things: Apple stuff and darts. Any dart enthusiast with an iPad, an iPhone, a Bluetooth connection and $3.99 to spare can pick up the pair of apps, and get to throwing in no time. You might ask, "Why would I throw computer darts instead of real darts?" Well, friend, you can throw these darts anywhere, not just at your favorite "football pub." Plus, these darts are safe for your children, who will undoubtedly be shaky due to the merlot they'll have been sipping. [From: KeyLime3.14, via: TUAW]

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