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Two New iPhones On The Horizon? Not likely…

According to an analyst from the Kaufman Brothers, Shaw Wu, Apple are reportedly working on two versions of a new iPhone; the information is said to come from a contact within Apples iPhone supply chain. It has been said that Apple will produce another “perfectly sized” (Steve Jobs words, not ours) 3.5 inch screen device as well as an entry level smaller device. We can almost categorically say that this will not happen, the words entry level and Apple are words which have never been seen before in the same sentence. And if Apple CEO Steve Jobs has his way, they never will.

Apple simply do not want to operate in an entry-level market, their entire product offering is made up of high margin, aspirational products. A move into entry level offerings by Apple would completely undermine the brand image that has been built over the years, in the same way that Ferrari’s would, if they were to start selling cheap family hatchbacks. It’s just not going to happen. What do you think? Does the increasing threat from Android neccessitate a more diverse smartphone offering, or should Apple continue in their age old fashion? Let us know in the comments below.

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