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Possible 2 – 3 Week Wait If You Ordered iPad 2 Online

iPad 2 mania has well and truly arrived in the UK with crowds lining the streets outside Apple stores throughout the night waiting for their doors to open at 5pm today. With Apple not offering pre-order options on its latest tablet, the only way to be one of the first people to bag an iPad 2 was to queue or stay up until 1am and order the thing online.

Unfortunately for those who decided to leave the queuing to the ultra-dedicated/crazy and buy their iPad 2 on the web when  sales went live in the early hours of this morning, many were left frustrated and iPad 2-less.

From the word go, those who logged in to witness the virtual madness first hand reported that Apple had almost immediately stuck a 2 to 3 week  wait time for each variant of the newly released tablet. However, they seem to be the lucky ones as many fans complained that they were constantly met with error messages when trying to place their orders with some only managing to get as far as putting an iPad 2 in their basket.

It’s no surprise then that hundreds take to the streets and queue up for the latest i-thing, especially as it’s now expected that iPad 2 shipping dates for the UK could go up to 4 to 5 weeks, just like it did after the US launch of the newest Apple pad.

Did you have problems with ordering your iPad 2 online last night or have you decided to queue up and hope for the best instead? Let us know.

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