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Massive Growth in Mobile Web Traffic from Smartphones

You might be thinking that you spend a lot of time accessing the web from your smartphone – well, you are not the only one! It is estimated that over a gigabyte of data will soon be consumed by smartphone users every month and this is just the start. London-based research firm, Informa Research say that this will increase by 700% over the next five years.

Smartphones make it much easier for us to access the web on our phones and unsurprisingly, it is the iPhone that leads the way for mobile internet usage, followed by Android devices.

Japan is often the world leader when it comes to new mobile trends and it is indeed here and in South Korea where there is the highest amount of online smartphone usage. The current monthly use in these countries is 199 and 271 megabytes respectively – compare that to the overall average which is 85 megabytes a month.

It looks as though mobile internet is just going to grow and grow…

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