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Todd Solondz’s Next Movie Grabs Christopher Walken and Mia Farrow

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Indie director Todd Solondz is known fox mixing the mundane and the strange, whether it be middle-class New Jerseyites with strange sex lives ('Happiness'), or the story of a girl portrayed by a myriad of visually distinctive actresses ('Palindromes'). He's worked with names like Philip Seymour Hoffman, Stanley Tucci and Allison Janney, toying with ideas that don't often get the cinematic light of day.

And now Solondz is bringing together our reigning king of quirk and Woody Allen's ex for his latest indie drama, 'Dark Horse.' As the camera focuses on a man who doesn't want to grow up, we also get a glimpse of his parents, and they'll be played by Christopher Walken and Mia Farrow.

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