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‘Devil’ Scares Up These Classic Elevator Scenes

M. Night Shyamalan returns to his horror roots with today's release of "Devil," the first film in The Night Chronicles. In "Devil," five strangers find themselves trapped inside of an elevator, with the human personification of the devil secretly posing as one of the members of the group. It's not quite as scary as Shyamalan and Josh Horowitz's "Escalation," but it's pretty darn close.

While "Devil" certainly takes elevator horror to creative new heights, it's not the first film to emerge with some truly iconic elevator scenes. After the jump, check out some of the most memorable elevator scenes in cinema history!

"Aliens," "Terminator 2" & "True Lies"
Is it cheating to lump three classic James Cameron films together? If so, blame it on Cameron, who clearly has a thing for iconic elevator scenes. In "Aliens," Ripley and Newt scramble to get their elevator to the top of the processing station before it blows up — and before the Queen Alien's elevator gets to the top first. In "Terminator 2," the T-1000 nearly kills Sarah Connor as she, John and the T-800 escape from a mental hospital. In "True Lies," Arnold Schwarzenegger locks eyes with his terrorist nemesis as the two ride on separate, see-through elevators — the terrorist on a motorcycle, Schwarzenegger on a police horse. To summarize, never let it be said that Cameron isn't a fan of elevators.

"Final Destination 2"
In forming this list, I reminded Movies Blog editor Adam Rosenberg that the second "Final Destination" film has one of the greatest elevator death sequences of all time. He aptly replied: "Name a thing and 'Final Destination' has a great death for it." Adam is right, of course, but mourning mother Nora Carpenter's death-by-elevator-decapitation certainly stands out as one of the series' best kills.

This summer brought yet another classic elevator scene in the form of Christopher Nolan's "Inception." While Dom Cobb and his companions enter their third level of dreaming, Arthur — the stylish fixer played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt — defies gravity and manages to relocate all of their floating bodies inside of an elevator. It's not the film's major set piece by any means, but it definitely earns its place on this list as an incredibly surreal elevator sequence.

"Mission Impossible"
I was originally going to call out "Speed" for its classic opening elevator sequence, but then I realized I wouldn't be able to mention "Mission Impossible." So, honorable nod goes to "Speed," but there's no way I can leave out Emilio Estevez's shocking death-by-elevator-impaling at the beginning of "Mission Impossible." Up until that point, I had always believed Pat Garrett was the only one bad enough to get Estevez in a body bag — but Jon Voight proved me wrong, as he often does!

"The Shining"
Who could ever forget The Overlook Hotel's terrible elevator filled to the brim with an ocean of blood? Little Danny certainly won't forget that anytime soon, nor will I. Curse you, Stanley Kubrick, for all of those sleepless nights!

Tell us some of your favorite elevator scenes in the comments section and on Twitter!

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