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New Images of Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises

When we last saw Catwoman, she was riding some kind of motorcycle and wearing a pair of high-tech goggles. This week, however, we have a couple of new photos from The Dark Knight Rises that show Anne Hathaway donning the more classic mask you’ve come to anticipate from the master thief. In addition to sharing the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly with Batman, we also have a new high-res promo image that reveals every inch of Catwoman’s new outfit.

The costume looks both sexy and practical… would you expect any much less from Christopher Nolan? Anne Hathaway claims she “had to physically transform” for the role. Let’s just hope she didn’t devote half a year studying cat behaviour like Halle Berry did. What do you feel of these new pictures? Will Anne Hathaway do Selena Kyle justice? Take a closer appear at the pics following the jump.

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