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‘The Hunger Games’ And ‘Wrath Of The Titans’ Go Head To Head With Same Release Date

Wrath of the TitansIt's the battle of the titans versus the District rebels, or at least it will be on March 23, 2012.

Lionsgate nabbed that release date for "The Hunger Games" last month and it seemed like a smart decision at the time, but now Warner Bros. has bumped up their release of "Wrath of the Titans" from March 30 to March 23, Coming Soon reports. As Liam Neeson would say, "Release the Kraken!"

Hopefully one of the studios will cave and choose to release the film on a different day, because no matter what the box office results are that weekend, one or both of the film franchises could suffer. Click past the jump for our reaction to the news.

Why "Wrath of the Titans" Could Win
Even if you weren't wild about "Clash of the Titans" -- even Sam Worthington himself admits there were missteps -- the film still made tons of money and was one of the highest grossing films of the year. Worthington promised "Wrath" would be a stronger film, so that coupled with the guaranteed box office draw from the boys (stealing away the audience that otherwise would have gone to see "The Hunger Games") could mean a box office victory for Warner Bros.

Why "The Hunger Games" Could Win
Then again, "The Hunger Games" has a really solid built-in fanbase along the lines of "The Twilight Saga." And, to add points in its favor, it's actually a really, really strong novel as well. It's a young adult series that could transcend gender gaps and make a hell of a lot of money for Lionsgate. Or, at least, that's what they're going for.

Will Both Of Them Lose?
But what will most likely happen is that the audience will be split between the two films that weekend and neither of them will be able to fully capitalize on what otherwise would have been a great opening weekend. In the weeks after, time will show which film has better staying power, but they will both lose a big boom of an opening weekend -- unless one of them blinks.

Which movie do you plan on seeing first, "The Hunger Games" or "Wrath of the Titans?" Tell us who you think will win the weekend in the comments section and on Twitter!

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