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Acroban Robot Moves Like a Human… Maybe Too Much Like a Human…

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acroban robotFolks, we hate to keep repeating ourselves, but all those old sci-fi scenarios are really, truly coming to pass. Take the Acroban robot, for example. Child-like, doe-eyed robot? Yes. From a futuristic manufacturer with a creepily sunny name? Yup: the bot's developers refer to themselves as Inria Flowers. Super-creepy, lo-fi video of real human children playing alongside said robot? Check. (After the break.)

As evidenced from the video, the Acroban boasts sophisticated joints and automatic equilibrium, making for remarkably human-like body language -- too human for us, really. As scientists poke, prod and punch him, and kids stare in wonder, we can't help but think about the rough life this little guy would have (though, his adorable knit hat seems to have been chosen with care). The constant performing, gyrating and shimmying must be too much on his rubberbanded joints. We can only imagine the havoc his vengeful children would wreak on humanity for the pain he's endured. For the record, Switched has been totally sympathetic to your forebears, future Robot Warriors! Please don't eat us. [From: Inria Flowers and Engadget]

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