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5 Fun Ways to Spice Up a Sony Ericsson Elm Call

You are in the middle of a phone call on your Sony Ericsson Elm handset. How can you make this call more interesting than usual? Here are five different options:

  1. Add background music to the call. Did you know that you can play music on your phone during the call and you and the other person can hear it? During the call, press “music” and select the song or playlist you want to listen to. Press the volume keys up and down to increase or decrease the volume of the music. Note that the volume of voices won’t be changed if music is playing during the call. Press the centre selection button to end the music.
  2. Add another caller to the call. Multi-party calling changes the dynamics of a phone conversation and makes it more fun. For example, add your siblings to the call when talking to one of your parents. To do this on the Sony Ericsson Elm, place the first call as normal. Press the phone icon to put that person on hold. Select “options” then “add call” then enter the second number and press the phone icon again to make the call. When that person answers, press “options” and “join calls”. You can add up to five callers to a single conversation on this phone using the same procedure.
  3. Make a video call and share additional videos. You can use this handset to make a video call to another person. Do that by entering the person’s phone number, pressing “options” and selecting “make video call”. Once the call is connected, you can share the additional videos on your phone with the other person. Do that by pressing┬áthe navigation key left to switch to the video share mode tab and then choosing the footage you want to share by pressing “share”. How fun!
  4. Record the call. Save the conversation that you’re having and listen to it later. During the call, press “options” and then “record”. When you’re ready to save the recording, simply press “save”. To listen to the recorded conversation, go to MENU, select “organiser” and choose “file manager” then go into “music”, press “play” and select the call that you recorded.
  5. Mute the microphone. You can put your call on mute so that you can do something more interesting while the other person is talking at you. Simply hold down the “c” button during a conversation and you’ll see the muted call icon appear to show you that the microphone has successfully been muted. Hold down the key again to un-mute the call on this handset.

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