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Burlesque Movie Respective Christina Aguilera

"Christina Aguilera"

burlesque Christina Aguilera

The combination of two divas in Hollywood blended with plenty of musical and performing arts will be some of the attractions of the upcoming movie Burlesque the proud directorial venture of Steven Antin who despite being associated with a different kind of movie genre is trying to make a difference with a project that aims at the show business it self.

Burlesque has the chart topping singer Christina Aguilera playing as Ali a small-town girl who hits it off to fame with her extreme singing talents. When she comes to LA start working as a club there as a waitress despite her dreams of becoming a vocal star. However she is given a chance to perform by Tess played by Cher who is the owner of his ailing club.Ali hits stardom along with the club and the movie follows her journey to that point.

Burlesque will also have Kristen Bell, Cam Gigandet, Eric Dane and Stanley Tucci among the cast. Scheduled to be released on 24th of November this movie is bound to make a name for itself as one of the captivation movies that shed a true light on the show business in club dancing

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