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Resident Evil: Afterlife tops Box Office

"Resident Evil: Afterlife tops Box Office"

Resident Evil: Afterlife tops Box Office

With quite a handful of highly expected movies released in last week it is obviously part of the package that box office list also would have changed according to the response they received from movie going crowd. There is always a wide array of movies from each and every genre to satisfy and answer the needs and taste of viewers.  Thus there was the usual dosage of horror science fiction and thriller flicks released and viewers responded with bringing many surprises in the most obvious and inevitable manner.

Last week opening Resident Evil: Afterlife movie seems to have successfully got viewers asking for more because the fourth installment of science fiction horror thriller ruled the box office movie list by earning an impressive amount of $27,700,000 becoming the one receive  a most successfully reception at the opening week. Directorial of Paul W.S. Anderson with talented actress Milla Jovovich seemed to have done the trick by attracting many crowds for movie for its content that has eye popping 3Dsequences infused with breathtaking action scenes. Future sure appears bright for this one with word of mouth also passing with positive remarks.

Crime action thriller Takers movie seemed to have had a one step promotion from the place it had last week because it had managed to secure the second place by grossing a totality of $48,105,000 so far. Stellar cast that included artists like Matt Dillon, Hayden Christensen and Chris Brown sure must have been one of the main attractions that stand in its advantage and talented direction of John Luessenhop too must be mentioned with appreciation because his fine craftsmanship was one of the highlights that made it all possible to hold attention of onlookers with high hope and expectations.

George Clooney starring thriller drama The American movie appeared to have a fallback this because instead of first place in last week this week movie by Anton Corbijn had to be content with third place in box office list. However the whopping amount of $20,822,000 suggests it had managed to live up to its standard by getting the attention it deserves with flying colors. Italian movie stars Violante Placido and Paolo Bonacelli sure had provided nice surprises for viewers and truly classic movie experience it sure had been for fans who love thriller movies. Combination of many talents made the movie a must see flick.

Crime action thriller Machete movie by director duo Ethan Maniquis and Robert Rodriguez had viewers grasping for breath for blood pumping and adrenaline rushing sensation it stirred and by holding the fourth place this week by grossing an amazing amount of $20,822,000 is more than enough to prove the success of the highly entertaining movie. Stellar cast of Danny Trejo, Robert De Niro and Jessica Alba besides many others had brilliantly done the trick and it truly was a jaw dropping and high octane filled movie experience with great pieces of fight scenes gun firings and explosions.

With a science fiction thriller topping he list followed by several action thriller flicks it is pretty obvious that these days moviegoers are in the mood for some get going movies that make them excited and anticipated for adrenaline rushing octane filled flicks.

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