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Peter Molyneux’s Milo, the Virtual Child, Gets Shown Off at TED

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You might not know this, but Peter Molyneux is a genius (well, according to Managing Editor Leila Brillson, since they are best friends). The man behind 'Black & White' and the 'Fable' series isn't content to hand gamers a controller, and tell them to mash buttons until the baddies are gone. He wants you to empathize with the characters, engage emotionally with the game, and consider the moral implications of the choices made in the virtual world. According to Molyneux, himself, his latest project, 'Milo,' is less of a game and more of a "very, very big tech demo." After seeing it in action, we can safely say it's one of the most compelling "tech demos" ever.

After the break, you'll find Molyneux's recent TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) talk, wherein he gives a lengthy demonstration of interaction with Milo, a virtual child who has just moved to America, through words and motions courtesy of Kinect. The really interesting stuff is the AI; Milo (or Kate, if you choose his female counterpart) are completely unique creations. These highly interactive and emotive characters are different (even if just slightly) every time you play the game. What's more, thanks to the power of the cloud, Milo will grow and become smarter over time, able to recognize more words and objects as you introduce them to his world. We do wonder if Molyneux is purposely building a Skynet-like computer that will one day turn on us and enslave the human race... but we also can't help wanting to hang out with Milo before that day comes. [From: TED, via: Engadget]

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