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Hanna Movie Poster

"Hanna Movie Poster"

Hanna Movie Poster

Hanna movie poster appears to be serving its function well by previewing action thriller and adventure packed drama for Hanna movie poster in undoubtedly effective as a one of a kind forerunner. What goes on to attract attention of moviegoers at first glance in this item is the profile of young leading lady Saoirse Ronan whose disheveled and bruised profile which suggest that this will be a not to be missed kind of a motion picture in eyes of onlookers. Caption which goes as young sweet innocent and deadly is also capable of generating curiosity.

As new Hanna movie poster has gone on to capture through it to a certain extent unusual life of a young girl will be the premise of this movie which has been directed by Joe Wright. A teenage girl who had been raised as a assassin from her early childhood is made to go on a mission which takes her across the European continent. At the same time she must also stay one step ahead of some government agents who are pursuing her.

In addition to upcoming actress featured in Hanna movie poster upcoming motion picture will also have Cate Blanchett and Eric Bana giving life to some major roles in movie. Packed with elements of action adventure and thriller in generous amounts this flick which is set to make it to theaters on 8th of April will definitely be a most fascinating cinematic experience for onlookers. So they can expect a heart racing and pulsating joyride.

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