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Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of some of the best mobile phone stories you may have missed this week:

1. webOS 2.0 on Video.

Version 2.0 of Palm’s webOS has been treated to a leaked preview video and although it’s nowhere near as exciting as the HTC video, it’s still worth a watch!  Running on an emulator, it provides a great insight into what will be coming out of Palm now that HP are on the scene.

2.  Android Continues Market Share Increase.

During Q2, Android’s lead over RIM and Apple in the market share stakes increased again, up from 12% to 17%, while RIM fell from 41% to 39% and perhaps surprisingly given the recent release of the iPhone 4, Apple dropped from 25% to 23%.

3.  Angry Birds Feast on BlackBerries.

The massively popular iPhone game has come to RIM’s BlackBerry OS, ensuring that no matter what phone you own, you get to fight some green pigs.  It’s available for download from BlackBerry App World.

4.  China Sees iPad Release.

The Apple iPad has been released in several new markets this week, with pre-orders also being taken at the amazing Beijing Apple Store in China.  The other countries getting the iPad are Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru.  According to sources at the event in China, the first customer in-line queued for sixty hours and purchased two.

5.  Windows Phone 7 Shows up in a Bing Ad.

This awful Bing advert featuring Rachel Zoe of The Rachel Zone Project – ’stop searching and start retching’ – is bearable if you turn the volume down, but is notable for using Windows Phone 7, on that Samsung prototype again, to advertise the Microsoft search engine.  How long will it be before WinPho7 gets an advert all of its own?

6.  Another New Nokia Appointment.

We’ve seen a new CEO and a new UX expert join Nokia recently, and now the company has announced that they have a new CTO too.  Ex VP of Software at Sun Microsystems, Rich Green, will be driving the compnay’s technical strategies forward and is quoted as saying they ‘don’t need to wait for Symbian^4′ to do so, but should ‘advance Symbian^3 at an aggressive rate’ now.

7.  Skyfire Reaches Download Milestone.

Alternative mobile web browser Skyfire, now available on Android and with a little luck, soon to be seen on the iPhone too, has reached one million downloads on the Google platform alone.  Skyfire is well-known for its video capabilities and a similar compression technique used by Opera on Opera Mini.

8.  LG Going 4G in the USA.

While not especially relevant in Europe at this stage, LG could be bringing a 4G mobile phone to the US’s Sprint network, and it could be running Windows Phone 7.  Sprint is a CDMA network, which may not be seeing the new Microsoft OS until 2011.

9.  It Looks Like a Phone…

But it’s not.  You could use your Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, your iPhone or whatever other device you like to listen to your music, but why bother when you can use an MP3 player that looks like an old brick-style phone?  Complete with huge casing, massive buttons, a radio and built-in speakers, this is the retro way to listen!

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