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Congressman Wants Cell Phone Cameras to Make Clicking Sound

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With the economy in free-fall and Congress struggling to keep their own house in order, you would think that cell phone security would be the last thing on a Representative's mind.

New York Republican Rep. Peter King sees it differently. King has introduced a bill that would require cell phone cameras to make some sort of sound when taking a picture. It is called the Camera Phone Predator Alert Act. According to the bill itself, "Congress finds that children and adolescents have been exploited by photographs taken in dressing rooms and public places with the use of a camera phone." The bill calls for every cell phone in the country to make a sound "audible within a reasonable radius of the phone whenever a photograph is taken with the camera in such phone."

Other countries already have laws like this, but this bill apparently has no co-sponsors and is unlikely to pass. Too bad, it sounds like a pretty good idea to us.

Shower safely, America. [From: Wired]

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