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A Closer Look at the New HTC Sense Features

If the new HTC Desire HD and Desire Z shot straight to the top of your must-have gadget list, then you’ll want to know all about the latest version of HTC Sense which will be available on these two mobile phones first.  The popular user interface, as that’s what it is no matter what HTC say, is already excellent and easily the best of its kind, so how has it been improved this time?

Here is a breakdown of all that is new:

  • The biggest announcement was that of htcsense.com, a website specifically for Sense users where they’ll be able to locate a lost device, remote wipe it if it has been stolen, enable call forwarding, view SMS and call logs, send navigation data and backup everything on the device.
  • The second major new feature is pre-cached maps.  This means that you don’t always need a data connection to use the mapping services.  Maps can be downloaded for free, however there will be a charge if you want to use navigation offline.  Points-of-interest and sharing are also enabled, it supports the digital compass and you can select driving or walking directions.
  • HTC maps will also now use the digital compass and pre-caching online too.
  • The start-up time has been reduced to 10 seconds.
  • DLNA support has been added.  If you don’t have a DLNA certified TV, then HTC will sell you a Wi-Fi dongle that plugs into the HDMI port to receive the signal.
  • The incoming call notification has been altered to not take up the entire screen when the map application is in use.
  • The virtual keyboard has had cursor keys added, a very welcome addition, plus there is a zoom option for positioning the cursor too.

These are all great new features, but users of older Sense enabled HTC phones should know that this new version will only be available on the Desire HD and Z, with no indication whether an update will add them to older devices in the future.  For now though, it’s another reason to upgrade!

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